Here’s me commentary on more tree lopping. Please do subscribe to Ozzy Man’s Video Licensing: and if ya have a video you want to send in go here: cheers!


1. Precision (Jukin Media)
2. HIGH (Reg Coates)
3. ALSO HIGH (@arborcare on TikTok)
4. Car Pull Fail (Network Videos)
5. Tree vs Ladder (Jukin Media)
6. Almost Flying (Newsflare)
7. Ute (Jukin Media)
8. Ute 2 (Ozzy Man’s Video Licensing Submission)
9. Window (ViralHog)
10. Ute 3 (ViralHog)
11. Crane (Newsflare)
12. Tree Revenge (Newsflare)

Music via Audio Network.