Ascend to Efficiency with the Leguan 225 Spider Lift!

Discover the future of elevated operations in our latest walk-around video showcasing the remarkable Leguan 225 Spider Lift. Tailored for tree care companies, construction businesses, and rental services, this presents the unparalleled efficiency and user-friendliness. Watch now and elevate your operations to new heights!


– Revolutionize Tree Care: Watch as the Leguan 225 effortlessly reaches towering heights, enabling precise tree maintenance and trimming like never before.
– Construction Made Effortless: Experience the versatility of the Leguan 225 as it navigates various construction tasks with ease, enhancing productivity across projects.
– Rental-Ready Innovation: Explore the intuitive features that make the Leguan 225 a dream-come-true for rental businesses, ensuring quick setups and delighted customers.

Main specs:
– Max. Working Height: 22.5 m / 74 ft
– Max. Outreach: 11.2 m / 37 ft
– Max. Lift Capacity: 250 kg / 550 lbs

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