I made this little video while setting up for removal of a leaning fir tree in Sooke, BC. I just wanted to say a big shout out to the people of Sooke for an overwhelming amount of support I got when I first fired up Trusted Tree Care.

I used to just make these for my friends, but after years of people telling me I needed a YouTube channel here it is! Moving forward I’ll be going into a little more detail on the process of what I’m doing whether it be while tree removal, or tree pruning, I’ll even try throw up some comedy gold while hedge trimming lol.

In this one what you can’t see is the actual tree itself below me. Was a new lean and was going over the house. So unfortunately was time to go.

I used this taller fir as an anchor point, pruned a few branches off to make a clear shot over. Then speedlined all the branches down to the lawn.


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