Removing a Cedar tree and Pine tree with no clean up, thanks for watching and sorry for the ramblings and bad audio. Like and subscribe for more videos soon

LOOK UP! Have you looked up at your trees recently? have a oak covered in mistletoe? A birch dying from beetles? And so many other tree needs! Im a small side business self employed ISA Certified Arborist eager to take care of your tree needs! Call or text today for a free estimate 541-531-5535 (located in southern Oregon, Jackson County, Josephine county and Douglas county) Roberts Certified Tree Service

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About Owen, married with a soon to be one year old son, Owen has over 8 years of tree work experience from urban to forestry. Owen started with a small tree service company in highschool and after highschool he attended trade school to study forestry which is how he became a wildland firefighter and a class B chainsaw operator and feller he since then has gotten back into tree care to pursue his dream as a ISA certified arborist, Owen has done tree work all the way from Alaska to Texas, from 150 ft removals to small Japanese maple ornamental prunings.