Paw Paw tree care and Papaya tree care in the tropics is worth the minimal effort required. In Australia, New Zealand & South Africa the yellow version is called paw paw.

The paw paw tree has the botanical name Carica papaya. It is known as papaya in most of the world. However, in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa papaya only refers to the red fleshed version of the fruit.

The yellow fleshed version is known as paw paw. You can find out more about the paw paw tree @

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Name: Rob Pyne Date of Birth: 23 April 1967
Education: BA (JCU) and LLB (QUT)
Location: Cairns

00:00 Introduction
00:39 Paw Paw Sex
01:48 Papaya Fruit
02:18 The Fruit
02:45 Cutting Papaya for Growth

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