In this video I use two failing #olive #trees as a case study to investigate why they are failing, diagnose the possible causes and take essential steps to bring them back to full health. The key points when caring for your Olive Tree are:
1. Ensure very good drainage by adding crocks and gravel to the bottom of the pot.
2. Olives are hardy but enjoy light (direct sunlight) and warmth in the growing season.
3. Don’t over water the olive tree. Let it ALMOST dry out between watering then give a very good soaking.
4. Leave a space at the top of the pot so that the water does not run off when watering.
5. Feed weekly during the growing season with liquid seaweed food.
6. Prune during the growing season, don’t be afraid, I took over half away and was rewarded with hundreds of new leaves, you can see this in the video.
7. Repot when the leaves show signs of distress (fading colour, dropping off), but first ensure that it has not been over watered because that might be the main problem. Probably needs repotting every other year.
8. It is hardy but try not to let it sit in very cold wet conditions.
9. when pruning, open up the centre of the plant to let light in. Where there is light there will be growth, this will help it to thicken or ‘bush’ out.
10. Apply a gravel mulch to suppress weeds.

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