Some information on how to #prune your #olive plants.
Also, some additional general information on the #care and maintenance of the olive plant.

Likes well drained soil. Add grit and crocks the the compost to assist with drainage. Doesn’t like soggy roots.
Allow to almost dry out between watering in the growing season.
Reduce watering and feeding to zero during the winter.
Can survive outdoors all year but in the event of a very severe frost wrap the plant in horticultural fleece.
Feed and top dress regularly during the growing season. A top dress mulch will help keep the pot moist, supress weeds and enrich the soil.
Needs to go through a cold spell in order to fruit.
Fruits on 1 year old growth.
Pollinated by wind.
Prune freely, it is quite tolerant to pruning but be aware that pruning may prevent flowering this year.
Needs good light to flower. Consider pruning into an open bowl shape to allow light in to the centre.

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