I bought four standard #olive #trees about four years ago. The objective was to add some height to my small box (buxus sempervirens) potager #garden. They cost around thirty pounds each and they have been great plants. They have coped with the British winter very well and I have no complaints. However, recently I looked at some old photographs and noticed that the olive trees seem to be struggling a little. The #leaves and #foliage have lost some of their colour, the branches have gone a little straggly and leggy and the plants overall seem to have lost vigour. I think it’s because they are in pots and they are probably ready to be re-potted into some fresh nutrient rich #compost. Perhaps they are pot bound and their roots need access to fresh soil. So I’ve decided it’s time to repot them.

I removed the plants from their pots, I kept the black stone chips from on top which I will use alongside some crocks to help with drainage. These have provided an excellent weed suppressant and #mulch. Plants in pots benefit by not having competition from weeds.

I bought larger pots from homebase. They are plastic but they will not be single use. I like to have a sustainable approach to my gardening. It’s better for the enviroment and ecosystem.

The spent compost from around the roots will be used as a mulch around my rhubarb plant.

I drilled some drainage holes into the bottom of each pot and added some #crocks which are essentially pieces of broken terracotta plant pots. these allow excess water to drain out. I bought 3 bags of 50 litres general all purpose compost produced by growmore.

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Best wishes