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Olive Tree Care Top Tips.
1. Olives like well drained soil, light and heat.
2. Olives like to be watered well then allowed to almost dry out, they need oxygen around their roots. They do not like soggy roots. If planting in a pot use grit or perlite to improve drainage.
3. Olives can be pruned quite hard and will grow form hard wood. Pruning will improve vigour in the plant. Prune a third to a half but leave some growth to sustain the plant during recovery (Pruning is damage)
4. You can prune olives from spring into summer
5. Olives produce fruits on last years growth.
6. The fruit comes from the blossom which needs to be pollinated. (By wind or insects).
7. The fruiting spurs or buds need to go through a cold spell in the winter, 2 months of cold.
8. A long sunny summer will be needed to ripen and mature the fruits during which increase watering a little to swell the olives.
9. Reduce watering in winter, the plant will go dormant, avoid extreme cold and wet but can be left outdoors.