A guide to cutting trees, with only pertinent info. I start by explaining the 3 critical parts of the stump that make up a tree felling system. I cut down several trees demonstrating what should happen, and I intentionally do some wrong to show the problems that creates. I move on to cutting some larger, dying ash trees, including a plunge cut for the back cut. The tree by my shop I have to use a power puller to pull it over in the direction I need it to fall. (Also called a come-along, pow-r pull) This is a tremendously powerful technique that any serious tree cutter needs to learn. Then I finish by demonstrating a barber chair, a common cause of serious tree accidents.

Felling dead trees adds a LOT MORE DANGER, no nonsense guide here: https://youtu.be/iZUqw302dRg

Whether you call it timbering, tree felling, falling a tree, cutting down trees, tree removal, or just tree cutting, this video shows the basic physics and procedure required to do it safely. You may not need to call that tree cutting service after all. Do it yourself and save that tree removal cost!

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Full Chainsawing playlist:

No Nonsense Guide to Chainsaw Sharpening:

How to Chainsaw Like a Boss:

***Rule of thumb for the width of the hinge is 10% of the width of the tree. So a 20 inch tree should have a 2 inch hinge.

***In the video I am cutting ash trees that are dead or dying. That means the wood is drier than it would be on a healthy tree. Dry wood is more resistant to bending and the tree is lighter because it has less water. That is why my trees weren’t falling with appropriately sized hinges.

***Regarding using a chainsaw without chaps, I consider that to be a personal choice. People seem to think wearing long pants is better than shorts. For a sharp chain, hardly. For maximum safety, you can certainly wear cut resistant clothing while operating a chainsaw. Depending on the situation, I sometimes do. When I’m in open areas such as in this video, I don’t find it necessary. If I was in thick woods with lots of difficult footing, I would wear chaps. But in this video, I felt my safety shorts were perfectly suited!

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Full video of @Hektibones barber chair here:

Terrifying barber chair here. Watch from 1:10

Barber chair, from 1:06-1:12:

Another barber chair, watch 7:11-7:25 & 9:35-9:40

Good animation of barber chair: watch 1:58-2:05

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