In today’s video we find the crew from Seattle Tree Care cleaning up an unbelievable sight. Three towering oak trees somehow fell at the same time, in three different directions and didn’t hit a thing. You’ll discover some of the heavy machinery employed to take care of such a large project.

The arborists would have their hands full with just one of these trees but to see all three of them on the is a daunting sight. As the team dispatches a couple Ditch Witch’s and a remote control stump grinder, Peter works on the Seattle Tree Care boat. His intention is to haul the logs back to the yard by waterway. Did he bring a big enough boat or are you about to witness the final voyage of the SS Seattle Arborist? We know wood floats, right? What about Arborists? Do they sink or swim?

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00:00 Start
02:37 Stumped
04:18 The job
05:55 The boat
08:39 Throwing tracks
10:27 Going for a swim or sinking?