Understanding Juniper bonsai tree care is essential as Junipers are one of the most popular choices for bonsai trees.

They’re tough, long-lived, and have a very natural appearance. But they need to be cared for properly in order to thrive. This post will serve as your juniper bonsai care guide with tips on how to keep these little guys happy and healthy!

Juniper bonsai tree general care
Junipers like lots of light but not direct sun during hot summer months (though it can handle some).

It prefers cooler temperatures between 45 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit which is why it’s best indoors or outdoors when temps get too low.

The soil should be well draining and airy to allow for good drainage – there’s a reason junipers are often used in rock gardens! You might want to consider using a cactus/succulent potting mix.

Juniper also requires little water, so don’t over water it!

Water when the soil has dried out almost completely and then only in small amounts. Junipers love humidity so you might consider putting them on a tray of wet pebbles until the soil is moist again – this creates humidity to help the foliage stay green and healthy.

You can even place your juniper near your shower or a humidifier when winter temperatures are too low for it to thrive.

Junipers are susceptible to a lot of pests – scale insects, aphids, and spider mites being the most common.

Treating your juniper with insecticidal soap is effective on these but watch out for burning the foliage!

Another issue you might encounter with junipers (as well as many other trees) is root rot caused by too much water and/or poor drainage.

Your juniper will suffer if the roots are damaged so avoid overwatering!

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