The video shows how to grow a pomegranate tree in pot from seeds and care for a pomegranate tree. Growing pomegranate trees in containers can either be outdoors and moved indoors in colder months. I am growing pomegranate in containers in Australia, but the pomegranate planting and growing guide given in this video can be followed in all the countries. The pomegranate tree can be grown from seeds and cuttings. Actually the pomegranate trees are easy-to-grow plants, and care for. The pomegranate tree may bear fruits in 1to 3 years after planting.
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The video covers the following:
The Pomegranate Seed Germination
Where to plant the pomegranate plant
When to plant pomegranate
Container size
Soil for pomegranate plant
Fertilizer for pomegranate tre
Re-potting or transplanting the pomegranate plant
Pomegranate male and female flowers, pollination
How to increase pomegranate fruit size
How to increase flowering on pomegranate tree
Pruning a pomegranate tree, Pests and Diseases

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