In this video, we will address how to fix the common issues that most people face when it comes to their variegated Ficus Elastica like browning of the leaves. I highlight how I care for mine in detail and then compare it to an example on how Ashly (subscriber/follower) cares for her Tineke Rubber Plant and how I would change a few things to minimize the common issues she is facing. We also cover and address droopy leaves, no growth or small leaves, small white dots on the leaves and losing the variegated colors.

Thanks @Peggy’s Plants for helping me with the intro

How I Care for My Ficus 3:45
– Lighting 3:50
– Potting Soil 4:45
– Watering 5:23
– Humidity 9:00
How Ashly Cares for Her Ficus 9:55
– Brown spots and edges on the leaves
– Lighting 10:00
– Watering 10:30
– Potting Soil 11:07
– My advice to fix browning issues 12:00
Other Issues/Questions
– Droopy Leaves 13:04
– Small Leaves 15:07
– No Growth or Dormant 15:38
– Pruning the Ruby 17:00
– White Spots/Dots on the leaves 19:01
– Losing the pinkish colors on the Ruby 19:56

How To Propagate Ficus Elastica:

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