Pachira aka Money Tree is a tropical plant native to northern South America and Mexico. It is called as Money Tree since It is believed to bring luck to its owner according to Feng Shui practice.

Pachira Plant or Money Tree care is easy If you follow the steps I recommend on this video. In this video I will briefly told basic care tips for the plant. This video is an ultimate guide about Pachira Aquatica plant care.

00:00 – Pachira Aquatica Plant Care Money Tree Care
00:13 – What is Pachira Money Tree?
00:33 – Why Pachira Aquatica called as Money Tree?
00:50 – How to care for Pachira Aquatica Plant, Money Tree? How frequently water Pachira Aquatica Plant?
01: 40 – What is the ideal temperature and living conditions for Pachira Aquatica Plant?
02:03 – Why Pachira Aquatica leaves turning yellow?
03:02 – When to repot Pachira Aquatica Plant?

You will find answers to your questions regarding Pachira Aquatica Plant aka Money Tree.

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