HOW TO CARE FOR A MONEY TREE PLANT! PROPAGATION, WATERING, FERTILIZER, TEMPERATURE, & HUMIDITY NEEDS! Hello plant friends, welcome back to another new houseplant video! I want to start filming how to take care… Indoor plant videos!

Soil Moisture 🀩 Meter! –
Quite an Effective Humidifier πŸ’§ for Plants! –
Rooting Hormone:

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You guys 🌿 asked so here ✨ they are! My Favorite 😍 Plant Products to use! πŸ’•

πŸ’‘ My Favorite Led Grow 🌱 lights! –

🌾 My Favorite Moss to Top Dress My Plants! –
(Moss Helps Retain Moisture in Soil)

πŸ’¨ A Quite Effective Humidifier πŸ’§ for Plants! –

🌡 My Favorite Soil Moisture 🀩 Meter! –
(That Also Measures PH Levels in Soil, & Light)

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