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Here Are The 15 figgy facts:

Milky sap can be an irritant so wear gloves for handling.
Native to Syria or Persia where they live on rocky mountain tops.
Because they live on rocky mountains tops they have evolved to have a deep tap root and can have an aggressive root system – because they are used to seeking out water and reaching deep down for the aquafer.
Thinking about their rooting habit, they will enjoy a restricted root run.
If you plant them in too fertile soil they may produce lots of foliage and fewer fruits – fruiting can be seen as a kind of survival mechanism.
If it is short of water it may drop or abort its fruits, so whilst you shouldn’t overfeed them you mustn’t let them dry out.
Enjoys lots of sun, sheltered position, rocky well drained soil.
If you are keeping it in pots that’s fine, deep pots are best and mulch in the autumn.
Younger plants may need protection in winter, wrap in fleece or if in pots move to a cool shed or greenhouse.
Don’t prune in spring time when the sap is rising strongly as they may bleed out sap which can weaken or kill the plant. Summer or autumn/early winter is ok to prune. BUT, and it’s a big but, be careful not to prune off all the little fruiting buds, as they are next years crops.
Talking of crops, they produce two crops, breba crop and main crop. Breba crop is the crop which develops on last year’s growth. Main crop will develop on this years growth. Often the main crop will not ripen because it doesn’t have enough light and heat left in the year.
Consider pruning some leaves off to help fruits ripen – this redirects energy to the fruits and lets light in too.
Brown Turkey had the RHS Order of Merit which means it is particularly well suited to the UK climate.

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