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When it comes to the Eucalyptus Tree Tucson has more than their fair share. Chris and Amanda’s Tree Service answer your questions and concerns in this video that offers Eucalyptus Tree Care Advice.

Often Tree Care in Tucson is expensive and the Eucalyptus Tree is the most expensive. Ranging in sizes, from 20 feet to 100 feet and 6 foot around at the base or bigger, the Eucalyptus in Tucson is costs a lot of money to maintain.

So lets go over the basics…

1. It is a self pruning tree dropping branches with no wind needed. Little to nothing can be done about this as trimming and thinning doesn’t change the nature of the tree.

2. Tucson, Arizona is in a drought and no matter how much rain we get this year it will not amount to anything unless we put a few years together of good rain. 90+ percent of all tree born illnesses start with dehydration. So hydrating your Eucalyptus is key. Watch our video “how to water a tree in Tucson”

3. The common insects that will attack your Tree are Lerp and Tortoise Shell Beetle. The lerp can be identified by white specks on your leaves and the Tortoise shell beetle can be identified by your leaves being eaten having chew marks. Treatment is hydration and possible systemic insecticide. Although I do not recommend the systemic insecticide due to the size, amount needed and blooms that the tree can produce. I believe that the detriment to environment is outweighed in this case and it would be better to try hydration or risk loosing the tree.

4. Different Fungi attack the Eucalyptus tree causing Cancer, Root Rot or Heart rot. There is no treatment except for preventative hydration and if the fungi occurs you will most likely have a dead tree on your hands.

5. Stay away from fertilizing as nitrogen enhances the above problems. We also do not recommend our fresh ground mulch but normal store bought mulch may be used.

6. Eucalyptus wood is a great mirewood, the hardest in Tucson. So this year if you wish to have a fire, consider it and its many uses. Remember that Mesquite and Juniper are harvested most times outside of Tucson and the transporting and clear cutting of those woods is detremental to our environment.

7. It is a great hardwood for mill work or woodworking.

We hope this was helpful and thank you so much for the love Tucson!