Qualified Arborists! ! The experienced and qualified arborists at Eco Tree Care are experience in precision tree felling, aesthetic tree pruning, tree planting, tree stump removal and processing your valuable trees.
Whether you wish to increase the sunlight into your property or the view or are worried about a hazardous tree, Eco Tree Care is fully insured and has the training, experience, qualifications and specialist equipment to provide the solution for your individual needs. We will work with you, advise you on how best to manage your tree so you get the solution to the problem, not further problems!
Tree Care is committed to providing a cost effective solution to your tree needs. For more information and a free quote please contact Eco Tree Care today on 03 4530310 or 0211761178.

Our firewood processor- ideal for cordwood and arborist waste. Specially designed to process trees commonly grown in New Zealand. Fully transportable so we can come to your farm or lifestyle block and fell, process and chip your trees.