Dry Japanese Maple Tree Care | Maintenance
Dry Japanese Maple Tree Care | Troubleshooting
Tree Disease | Japanese Maple Tree

Dry Japanese Maple Tree Care | Maintenance
My Maple Tree Care | Maintenance from beginning to end. I troubleshoot what’s wrong with my tree & the measures I take to fix it. I wonder if there is a tree disease within my Acer Palmatum or just dry. I ask a tree expert’s opinion what his diagnosis may be. My beautiful Japanese Maple is over 15 years old. Are you experiencing problems with your tree? Find out a solution that helped me learn it is not Verticillium Wilt & how I treated it.

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Pruning My Japanese Maple Tree:
Tips When Pruning A Japanese Maple Tree https://youtu.be/_-gtfmB5aP4

Yard Series Playlist:
Yard Series 2020 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLil57g7Zj2h1rhNBqaBCCEhP1JmJ1g44b

Japanese Maple Tree Playlist:
Japanese Maple Tree https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLil57g7Zj2h0o9yW8Oes2GrRGozMu2LKD