The Dragon Tree, also known as the Corn Plant or Dracaena fragrans, is one of our larger floor-standing houseplants that is perfect for novice plant owners. Also known as the Dragon Tree or Striped Dragon Tree, this is a shrub with leaves forming as rosettes on stems and at the tip of the plant. It has very long sword-shaped leaves. The Dracaena variety “Gold Coast” has attractively variegated foliage with yellow stripes along the outer edges of the leaves (the reverse of the pattern of variegation found on the variety “Cintho”), hence the name Striped Dragon Tree. In the wild, these plants can grow up to 3m, in height, and are sometimes used for hedging. As houseplants, they are typically much smaller. Dracaena fragrans is notable for its highly scented flowers (hence ‘fragrans’, meaning fragrant), and you may be lucky to get flowers on yours. They’re not especially attractive, but have a delightful smell.

Find out how to care for your Corn Plant in this video.

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Dragon Tree "Golden Coast"

This plant, Dracaena fragrans Golden Coast, has these wonderful gold stripes on the leaves. This plant needs to be kept on a fairly dry side but certainly likes a lot of light. The plant is called fragrans because of these flowers that you sometimes may get from the plant. They’re not much to look at but they have a wonderful scent.