Tree owners and managers need to protect themselves from potential liability. In this video, you will learn about the importance of managing tree risk on your commercial property.

*Tree risk is the potential for tree failure and impact on a target.
*Tree risk assessment is a way of determining the likelihood of that failure and impact.

Tree Risk Management Three-Step Program
1. Identify: tree inventory
2. Assess: tree risk assessment
3. Manage: tree management plan

A tree inventory takes stock of what trees you have, their sizes, locations, and conditions.

A tree risk assessment determines the likelihood of tree failure, impact, and the consequences.

A tree management plan puts all the data together into a multi-year program.

Davey can perform all of the parts of the program, as well as any risk mitigation services like pruning, plant health care, or even tree removal.

Minimize the risks on your property with proactive tree inspections and assessments, learn more here: