Calomondin Tree Care Tips 🍊🧡 | Pruning & Harvesting

February was the perfect time to harvest my crop of Calomondin (or Calamansi) fruits! A Calomondin is a type of citrus which fruits are edible (but quite tart).

I grow mine exclusively indoors and it has been very happy so far with:
1) An East facing bow-window with a lot of brightness and at least 4 hours of morning sunlight
2) Watering about once a week from the saucer (avoid pulling water around the trunk has it can cause fungal issues)
3) Fertilising at the beginning of Spring
4) Light shape-pruning once a year to cut back any leggy branches and keep a lovely rounded shape.

Fruit harvest & production:
The fruits are ready to harvest when they are orange and soft to the touch, this takes a few months from green fruits.
Make sure to use pruners or scissors to cut the fruit off the tree and avoid damaging the branches.
The fruit are preceded by beautiful white flowers which you will have to hand-pollinate if you keep your tree indoors. I will be doing a video when I get ready to do so.

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