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The Bay Tree is a beautiful evergreen Mediterranean bush with aromatic leaves which can be used as flavouring when cooking. The tree is hardy in the UK winter and enjoys full sun or partial sun in the summer. It likes free draining soil and if it is in a pot should be fed regularly during the growing season. It can easily be pruned as topiary and can be made into a standard tree with exposed trunk. The leaves can be susceptible to damage in a cold winter (-5 degrees) but this is easily remedied by pruning back in the spring. If in a pot and there is a forecast of prolonged low temperatures it’s a good idea to wrap the pot in bubble wrap to prevent the roots from freezing. Alternatively move it to a garage or shed. Generally it is quite hardy.
If kept in a pot for a long time it is helpful to remove some of the old roots and refresh the compost. I would add some slow release fertiliser. Feed weekly all summer. Soak well weekly and allow to almost dry out before watering again to allow oxygen to the rootball.

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