Raul and Gabby Velasco made the decision to go our on their own so they could experience more freedom, and more time with their kids. But an old, beat up chipper was leaving them stranded, and costing them LOTS of time and money. That all changed when they made the jump the BANDIT 12XPC!

The 12XPC is a simplified version of the 12XP, yet still rugged enough to chip material up to 12″ in diameter. The 12XPC features the same drum and feed system as the 12XP, but designed to be more compact and economical. Engine options are limited up to 84 horsepower and the unit features a channel frame, lighter infeed, and smaller axle and tires when compared to the 12XP.

The 12XPC is a popular machine for a variety of tree care professionals due to its weight and size. To keep this model simple and compact no hydraulic winch is offered on this unit. A Single 6,000 pound axle with 15″ tires provides more than enough capacity for the approximate machine weight of 4,900 pounds.

Featuring Bandit’s proven slide box feed system with dual feed wheels, this machine easily pulls and compresses material into the chipper. An optional hydraulic lift cylinder is recommended to further enhance down pressure as needed reducing chainsaw work and making the unit easier to feed.