A&E Arborists Tree Care (Yuba City, CA) serves throughout Northern California. They carry over 30 years of tree industry experience into every service they perform. Since establishing in 2011, A&E has valued and pursued tree care excellence and professionalism in customer service.

Popular for its great combination of size, production, all-terrain performance and price, the 20-inch capacity Model 2290 Track whole tree chipper is a favorite for chipping tops and brushy material, either in traditional logging operations or land clearing projects. Its 26.25-inch by 24.5-inch throat opening easily accepts large diameter, brushy material. Dual feed wheels in Bandit’s unique Slide Box Feed System provide the industry’s best pulling and crushing power. It rides on a Caterpillar 312B or 315L steel track undercarriage (depending on the engine option).

The Bandit Intimidator® 20XP Track is great for companies seeking a cost-effective, all-terrain machine with the capabilities of a whole tree chipper. Officially rated as a 20-inch capacity machine, this exceptionally versatile chipper actually features a large 25.25-inch by 24.5-inch throat opening to easily handle large whole trees. Bandit’s Slide Box Feed System has no problem pulling in and crushing the most stubborn forked limbs and dense hardwood. It rides on a CAT 308CR steel-track undercarriage and all chipper and track functions are controlled via radio remote control with tether back-up.

The BTC-150 is a machine built especially for right-of-way maintenance and land clearing contractors needing a reliable and powerful machine. Bandit designed the BTC-150 from the ground up to deliver superior performance and class-leading comfort. Weighing apprxomately 16,740 pounds with a mulcher head, this unit features low ground pressure to manuver over softer conditions with ease. A Caterpillar C4.4, 148 horsepower engine is the standard along with a Caterpillar 308 steel or rubber track undercarriage.