Tree Lopping Hobart

Lopping is far more than just pruning or trimming; it can include cutting back entire branches until they are nothing more than just stubs. It could mean completely removing entire branches that aren’t required for the future growth. It could also mean cutting off the entire top, which might be required if you need to reduce the height of the tree because of electricity lines. This is also often called Tree Topping.

Every kind of cut in a tree is a little like surgery. Using this analogy, lopping is like performing invasive surgery. You wouldn’t call any old hack to perform an amputation of one of your limbs, so you should also call a professional tree lopper to do lopping jobs. At Apple Isle Tree Removal Hobart, we don’t only do removals, we do loppings as well. Our contractors are highly experienced in performing this drastic kind of tree surgery and have the knowledge and ability to ensure a successful outcome.

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